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What is CGPA and How does CGPA to Percentage Converter Work?

What is CGPA and How CGPA to Percentage converter Works?

In Indian educational institutions, the Cumulative Grade Point Average, or CGPA, is a commonly used grading method. It is a numerical depiction of a student’s total academic standing. Think of it like a report card for school, only instead of grades, it employs a scale that usually goes from 1 to 10 or 4 to 10.

The CGPA calculation isn’t as difficult as it seems. Let’s dissect it:

Subject-matter Grading: Based on the marks received, a grade point is assigned to each topic. On a 10-point scale, for instance, an A+ might be equivalent to 10, an A to 9, and so on (It depends on college to college).

Credit Points: Based on the amount of time spent studying a subject or its significance, each subject is given a specific number of credits. Consider credits as the relative importance of each subject.

Multiplying Grades with Credits: For each subject, multiply the grade points obtained with the credit points assigned to that subject. This gives you the weighted grade points.

Total: Sum up all of your weighted grade points for the term or school year.

Divide and Conquer: At this stage, divide the total by the total number of credit points earned for all courses taken during that time. Then you will get your CGPA

Example To Calculate CGPA

Assume you have grade scores of 8, 9, 7, 10, and 9 in each of the five topics that have equal credit points(Let us assume here that Credit points for each subject is 1). Multiply each subject by the credits (say, 1 credit each for simplicity). After that add them up (43 in this case), and divide by the total credits (5). So Your CGPA is 8.6.

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage

It varies from institution to institution and to convert CGPA into a percentage, you can multiply it by a specific factor based on the grading scale used by your institution. But generally, converting CGPA to Percentage is simple, especially if you have a CGPA to Percentage Converter. You can follow these steps:

  • Enter the CGPA in our Calculator. Keep in mind that select the grading system before entering your CGPA
  • Click on the “Calculate” option.
  • And here you have it, your percentage with a pie cart

Now you may think, how is this calculated? Well, to find the percentage for the 10 grading scale, this formula is used:- CGPA × 9.5 = Percent.

so, If your CGPA is 8.2, for instance, the computation would be 8.2 × 9.5, or 77.9%. A CGPA of 8.2 is therefore equal to 77.9%.

CGPA to Percentage Conversion Table

CGPA To Percentage in 10 Grade Points

CGPA (10 Grade)Percentage in 10 Grade Scale
10.0 CGPA in percentage95%-100%
9.9 CGPA in percentage94.05%
9.8 CGPA in percentage93.10%
9.7 CGPA in percentage92.15%
9.6 CGPA in percentage91.20%
9.5 CGPA in percentage90.25%
9.4 CGPA in percentage89.30%
9.3 CGPA in percentage88.35%
9.2 CGPA in percentage87.40%
9.1 CGPA in percentage86.45%
9.0 CGPA in percentage85.50%
8.9 CGPA in percentage84.55%
8.8 CGPA in percentage83.60%
8.7 CGPA in percentage82.65%
8.6 CGPA in percentage81.70%
8.5 CGPA in percentage80.75%
8.4 CGPA in percentage79.80%
8.3 CGPA in percentage78.85%
8.2 CGPA in percentage77.90%
8.1 CGPA in percentage76.95%
8.0 CGPA in percentage76%
7.9 CGPA in percentage75.05%
7.8 CGPA in percentage74.10%
7.7 CGPA in percentage73.15%
7.6 CGPA in percentage72.20%
7.5 CGPA in percentage71.25%
7.4 CGPA in percentage70.30%
7.3 CGPA in percentage69.35%
7.2 CGPA in percentage68.40%
7.1 CGPA in percentage67.45%
7.0 CGPA in percentage66.50%
6.9 CGPA in percentage65.55%
6.8 CGPA in percentage64.60%
6.7 CGPA in percentage63.65%
6.6 CGPA in percentage62.70%
6.5 CGPA in percentage61.75%
6.4 CGPA in percentage60.80%
6.3 CGPA in percentage59.85%
6.2 CGPA in percentage58.90%
6.1 CGPA in percentage57.95%
6.0 CGPA in percentage57%
5.9 CGPA in percentage56.05%
5.8 CGPA in percentage55.10%
5.7CGPA in percentage54.15%
5.6 CGPA in percentage53.20%
5.5 CGPA in percentage52.25%
5.4 CGPA in percentage51.30%
5.3 CGPA in percentage50.35%
5.2 CGPA in percentage49.40%
5.1 CGPA in percentage48.45%
5.0 CGPA in percentage47.50%
4.9 CGPA in percentage46.55%
4.8 CGPA in percentage45.60%
4.7 CGPA in percentage44.65%
4.6 CGPA in percentage43.70%
4.5 CGPA in percentage42.75%
4.4 CGPA in percentage41.80%
4.3 CGPA in percentage40.85%
4.2 CGPA in percentage39.90%
4.1 CGPA in percentage38.95%
4.0 CGPA in percentage38%
3.9 CGPA in percentage37.05%
3.8 CGPA in percentage36.10%
3.7 CGPA in percentage35.15%
3.6 CGPA in percentage34.20%
3.5 CGPA in percentage33.25%
3.4 CGPA in percentage32.30%
3.3 CGPA in percentage31.35%
3.2 CGPA in percentage30.40%
3.1 CGPA in percentage29.45%
3.0 CGPA in percentage28.50%

CGPA To Percentage in 5 Grade Scale

CGPAPercentage in 5 grade scale
0.0 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)0%
0.1 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)2%
0.2 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)4%
0.3 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)6%
0.4 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)8%
0.5 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)10%
0.6 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)12%
0.7 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)14%
0.8 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)16%
0.9 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)18%
1.0 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)20%
1.1 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)22%
1.2 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)24%
1.3 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)26%
1.4 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)28%
1.5 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)30%
1.6 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)32%
1.7 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)34%
1.8 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)36%
1.9 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)38%
2.0 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)40%
2.1 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)42%
2.2 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)44%
2.3 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)46%
2.4 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)48%
2.5 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)50%
2.6 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)52%
2.7 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)54%
2.8 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)56%
2.9 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)58%
3.0 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)60%
3.1 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)62%
3.2 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)64%
3.3 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)66%
3.4 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)68%
3.5 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)70%
3.6 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)72%
3.7 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)74%
3.8 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)76%
3.9 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)78%
4.0 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)80%
4.1 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)82%
4.2 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)84%
4.3 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)86%
4.4 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)88%
4.5 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)90%
4.6 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)92%
4.7 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)94%
4.8 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)96%
4.9 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)98%
5.0 CGPA in percentage (5 Grade Points)100%

CGPA To Percentage in 4 Grade Scale

CGPAPercentage in 4 grade scale
0.0 CGPA in percentage0%
0.1 CGPA in percentage2.5%
0.2 CGPA in percentage5%
0.3 CGPA in percentage7.5%
0.4 CGPA in percentage10%
0.5 CGPA in percentage12.5%
0.6 CGPA in percentage15%
0.7 CGPA in percentage17.5%
0.8 CGPA in percentage20%
0.9 CGPA in percentage22.5%
1.0 CGPA in percentage25%
1.1 CGPA in percentage27.5%
1.2 CGPA in percentage30%
1.3 CGPA in percentage32.5%
1.4 CGPA in percentage35%
1.5 CGPA in percentage37.5%
1.6 CGPA in percentage40%
1.7 CGPA in percentage42.5%
1.8 CGPA in percentage45%
1.9 CGPA in percentage47.5%
2.0 CGPA in percentage50%
2.1 CGPA in percentage52.5%
2.2 CGPA in percentage55%
2.3 CGPA in percentage57.5%
2.4 CGPA in percentage60%
2.5 CGPA in percentage62.5%
2.6 CGPA in percentage65%
2.7 CGPA in percentage67.5%
2.8 CGPA in percentage70%
2.9 CGPA in percentage72.5%
3.0 CGPA in percentage75%
3.1 CGPA in percentage77.5%
3.2 CGPA in percentage80%
3.3 CGPA in percentage82.5%
3.4 CGPA in percentage85%
3.5 CGPA in percentage87.5%
3.6 CGPA in percentage90%
3.7 CGPA in percentage92.5%
3.8 CGPA in percentage95%
3.9 CGPA in percentage97.5%
4.0 CGPA in percentage100%

The Distinction Between GPA and CGPA

It is imperative to comprehend the distinction between CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) and GPA (Grade Point Average), as both words are commonly utilized in academic grading:

GPA: This shows the average score for a certain term or semester for a student. Each grade on a scale correlates to a particular numerical value, which can be either a number or a letter. A grade of A might be equal to 4, a grade of B to 3, and so on.

CGPA: CGPA measures the overall academic performance of a student, calculated by obtaining the mean of the GPA awarded each semester and dividing it by the total number of credits

Converting CGPA to GPA

A straightforward method can be used to convert a 10-point CGPA to a 4-point GPA, which is the standard in the USA:

(CGPA / Maximum Potential CGPA) x 4 = GPA Score is the formula.

For example, if the highest CGPA in your batch is 8.0 and your CGPA is 6.0, the computation would be (6.0/8.0) * 4 = GPA of 3.

The following could be a preliminary estimation table for converting a 10-point CGPA to a 4-point GPA:

  • 10.0 CGPA is equal to 4.00 GPA (A).
  • 9.0 CGPA is equal to 3.68 GPA (A).
  • Grade A (8.0 CGPA = 3.36 GPA)
  • 3.04 GPA (Grade A) equals 7.0 CGPA
  • 6.0 GPA (Grade B) equals 2.55 CGPA
  • 5.0 CGPA (Grade B) equals 2.05 GPA
  • 4.0 CGPA equals 1.47 GPA (C-minus)

An approximate translation of a 10-point CGPA to a 4-point GPA is shown in this table. But it’s important to remember that colleges could have particular conversion procedures, thus official assessments should be trusted for admittance.

CGPA to Percentage Calculator – Accuracy and Reliability

It’s crucial to convert CGPA to percentage correctly. The formulas given provide a general framework. But it’s important to consider your school’s specific policies too. Grading can differ slightly between schools. It’s best to check your university’s guidelines or ask academic counselors for the most accurate conversion. While tables and calculators give a decent estimate, formal transcripts are advised for official needs like university applications or job submissions.

Strategies to Improve Your CGPA

Balancing Academics and Well Being

Improving your CGPA requires a strategic approach to studying and time management. Here are some effective strategies:

  • Regular Study Schedule: Make sure your study time is regular. This practice improves conceptual understanding and retention. Do not cram at the last minute.
  • Participate Actively in Class: Take an active part in the lessons. Participate in conversations, raise questions, and take part in activities. This improves comprehension and recall.
  • Ask for Help and Clarification: Whenever you’re having trouble understanding an idea, ask for assistance. Seek clarification from study groups, tutors, or teachers.
  • Use Academic tools: Take full advantage of the tools at your disposal, including peer study groups, the library, online tutorials, and educational apps. These resources might offer many viewpoints and promote a deeper comprehension.
  • Frequent Review and Practice: Make sure you revisit and put the subject you learned in class into regular practice. Frequent review helps to cement comprehension and recall.
  • Concentrate on Weak Subjects: Determine the subjects you are struggling with. Give these areas more of your time and attention.
  • Maintain Organization: Arrange your study materials, notes, and assignments. This lessens anxiety and expedites the evaluation process.
  • Balanced Lifestyle: A balanced lifestyle involves balancing extracurricular and academic pursuits. Engaging in hobbies, socializing, and physical activity are crucial for maintaining mental well-being.
  • Feedback and Improvement: Ask for performance feedback regularly. Recognize your errors and grow from them.
  • Self-care: It involves practicing mindfulness, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep. Effective learning requires both physical and mental well-being.
  • Don’t Procrastinate: Finish tasks and get ready ahead of time. Last-minute endeavors frequently result in tension and less-than-ideal performance.
  • Positivity: Continue to have a positive outlook on your academics. Your academic performance and learning efficiency can both be greatly enhanced by adopting a happy mindset.
  • Exam Strategies: Formulate sensible exam strategies. Recognize the format, work through previous tests, and develop time management skills.

Prioritize your academic work for effective time management. Make a study schedule and allot time for every subject, paying particular attention to your weakest areas.


Understanding CGPA and how it converts to percentage or GPA is key to progressing academically and professionally. Tables and calculators provide a good approximation but confirm with official recommendations for accuracy. Remember that raising CGPA takes steady effort over time with good time management and a balanced life. Using smart tactics can improve your grades and build a strong base for your future goals.


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How to convert cgpa into percentage?

To convert CGPA to percentage, multiply your CGPA by 9.5. This number is the percentage.

How do you calculate the per cent grade?

To find the percentage grade, divide your marks by the total possible marks and then multiply by 100.

What is an A+ in percentage?

An A+ grade is usually considered from 90% to 100%, but check your school’s grading system as it can vary.

What does a CGPA tell about my grades?

CGPA gives a single number that shows your overall academic performance.

Is SGPA different from CGPA?

Yes, SGPA is your grade point average for one semester, while CGPA is the average of SGPAs over all semesters.

What is 10 CGPA in Percentage 

10 CGPA in percentage is a range between 95% to 100%. So if you have scored 10 CGPA that means your percentage is between 95% – 100%


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